ALA Midwinter 2000
Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access
(Monday a.m. only)

Glenn Patton reported on cataloging activities at the Bangkok meeting of IFLA. IFLA’s general conference in 2001 will be held in Boston. IFLAnet often has pre-presentation versions of conference papers. Working groups are studying patterns of construction of corporate names, anonymous classics, authorities references and entries, and a multilingual glossary of cataloging terms. A Danish library school is educating students based on the Functional requirements for bibliographic records (FRBR). ISBD(M) has been examined relative to FRBR, with optionality added for parallel titles for series. It will go out for worldwide review soon. ISBD(CM) is coming up for review, as is review of ISBD(NBM). A new IFLA section on audiovisual and interactive materials has been created out of the former roundtable.

Mark Watson reported on MARBI (see also my MARBI report). One specific CC:DA task is to be sure that the rules discuss the need for a note to include something other than merely a URI. He noted that the rules do not mention URIs. [Is MARBI writing rules ... again?]

Dan Chatham (ALA Publishing) reported on AACR2e. The new amendments package is almost ready to go, and it will be available in electronic form for downloading as an integratable or separate PDF file. It will also be available for a charge in CD or printed form. The concise AACR2 has never been fully reviewed by JSC but is part of the products of the Fund which supports AACR and JSC.

The papers from the Annual 2000 metadata preconference will be edited by Wayne Jones and will appear in the ALCTS papers series. Attendance has been set at approximately 200 and the cost is estimated at $235.

Jean Hirons reported on JSC’s response to seriality issues. JSC approved: idea of finite and continuing resources, with continuing resources including serials (successive entry) and integrating resources such as looseleafs and websites (latest entry); chapter 12 will be revised to cover all continuing resources; chief source concept will be revised for inclusion in rearranged AACR2, the rearrangement to be by area of description; “new series” as part of numbering; new considerations of major and minor changes in corporate names and the effect on successive entry, with the doubtful cases being considered minor. JSC did not approve: latest title with earliest in a uniform title; earliest and latest publisher statements (though repeatable 260 would allow for coding); definitions for some integrating resources; first 3 vs. first 5 words as concept for change in title; adding “magazine” at end of title as no title change; use of angle brackets; uniform title for integrating resources; linking as more than note. The next steps for the Committee to Study Serials Cataloging, etc. are: revision of chapter 12; seriality of various electronic resources; changing “serials” to “continuing resources” in various places in the rules; source of title and title change(s) will say “most complete source” as it does in chapter 9; cumulative e-journal will be integrating resource; adding parts concept to area 3; uniform titles for legal looseleafs; revise Hallam guidelines for looseleafs; unnumbered series; some integrating resources are finite (e.g. newsletters of an event, project-related reports); renaming ISBD(S) as ISBD(CR); international standard title, aka international benchmark title (being tested in U.S., Germany and France, and to be harmonized in May 2000) (to replace key title and maybe uniform title; stable title based on earliest issue and relationship to major/minor changes); order of words in a list as minor change; addition of “magazine” in any position in title. JSC will meet in March and in the fall. The serials group will meet in May and hopes to have recommendations for CC:DA discussion at Annual 2000.

MAGERT (Map and Geography Round Table), in the person of Betsy Mangan, presented numerous changes to chapter 3 and a few related changes in chapter 1. (If you want a photocopy of my notes with specific CC:DA action on individual rules, please ask.)

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