ALA Midwinter 2000
(Sunday midday)

Two big BIBCO participants (Cornell and Princeton) will be implementing new systems in summer 2000.

New libraries: GPO, Texas A & M, Dayton -- total of 38 BIBCO libraries

Working Group on Series Numbering (Andrea Stamm, chair): did a survey and recommended that variation in series numbering was adequate reason for 8XX; suggested LCRI for “v.” as abbreviation of “vol.”; systems should support numerical sorting regardless of caption (MARBI proposal?); no consensus was reached on separation of 4XX and 8XX data

A survey was undertaken on default values for series analysis and classification. The results have not been distributed, though a few were revealed at the PCC Participants Meeting on Sunday night.

The Working Group on Statistics recommended that libraries only report full and core records new to BIBCO. The source of the record doesn’t matter, that is, if a non-BIBCO full record is enhanced to BIBCO full, it counts as one full record.

Eastman School had asked if recon records with varying description practices but fully-authorized access points could be coded “pcc” in 042. There seemed to be a consensus that “pcc” should mean AACR2 description but that a new code for these hybrids might be developed.

A web form is being tested for new subject proposals. It may be used by BIBCO libraries and will eventually be available more widely. The web form does not allow for review of records by institutional or funnel coordinators, since they are submitted directly to Coop.

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