Metadata and Collections Section
Subject Analsis Committee

Gleanings from the SAC meetings, July 2021
(with some preference for art-related items)

The various reports to and from SAC are available on ALA Connect. You have to be an ALA member and signed in for access to most documents.

* Library and Archives Canada (Annie Wolfe) is continuing to do significant work on its headings related to First Nation, Inuit, and M├ętis Nation communities in Canada. Canadian Subject Headings are currently available only on OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) but they hope for additional access. The CORE Authority Control Interest Group had a panel on Francophone name authorities during CORE IG Week (end of July).

* LC (Janis Young) continues work on the LCSH multiples cancellation project (creating individual records rather than one record to cover any subdivision of a certain sort, e.g., Birth control--Religious aspects--Buddhist [Christianity, etc.] or Birth control--Religious aspects--Baptists [Catholic Church, etc.]). The subdivision --Religious aspects has been completed though work continues on inherently religious headings with similar multiple practice. SAC members have been assisting on this project. There is a spreadsheet of multiples available on the LC website. Notify Janis Young if you encounter a multiple that is not on the spreadsheet (they will be working their way through the spreadsheet).

* LC, with input from OLAC and SAC, has established a policy statement for establishing individual video games in NAF and game franchises in LCSH. Same for board games.

* An editorial board will be established for LCDGT (demographic group terms). The manual and headings are still provisional. They are discussing using history notes about usage based on cataloging, not on warrant. This has not been done in recent years in LC vocabularies (and the idea aroused considerable angst). There is a separate list of Tentative Headings ( using this methodology, concerning Oceanians and Pacific Islanders.

* LC has replaced several dozen occurrences of N cutters in LCC schedules with B cutters for Blacks and African Americans.

* CC:DA has a task force on virtual participation. SAC is also discussing virtual and hybrid meetings, document availability, lists, etc. Both CC:DA and SAC are CORE groups.

* The new Wikidata SACO funnel has been meeting twice a month. Discussion topics include use cases, specificity, pseudonyms, fictional characters, and corporate name changes. Wikidata doesn't have rules parallel to AACR/RDA, LCSH, etc.

* The FAST SACO Funnel now has a MARC Organization Code (OCoLC-FAST).

* The SACO Music Funnel welcomes suggestions and questions. Music has traditionally been a special area where advice on creating or revising headings is expected.

* The AALL liaison report (Cate Kellett) ncluded a description of LCC updates in the K schedules in regard to terrorism. Terrorism had been crammed inconsistently into different sections and numbers for international terrorism and domestic terrorism were not distinguished. Cate also reported on Consular jurisdiction not being divided geographically due to ambiguity whether the subdivision referred to was the place being governed or the place having jurisdiction over a place. This seems parallel to issues with embasssy buildings and geographic subject relationships.

* OCLC will be adding equivalent subject headings from several vocabularies on WorldCat bib records. For example, AAT to records when the authority records indicate equivalence with LCSH.

* Children's and Young Adults' Cataloging Program (CYAC, pronounced kayak) headings have been loaded. This will allow validation of the headings on WorldCat bib records. They have been working on policy for summaries, toy and movable books, and accompanying material. Some of the records were created from LCSH and 005 dates on CYAC records may be unusual until manual review.

* Best Practices on faceted chronological data (version 1.0) was approved by the SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies. It will be published on the ALA platform.

* ACRL RBMS has indicated that they will be appointing a liaison to SAC.

* Proposed ALA Council resolutions on the Illegal aliens issue and on LCSH process transparency were not approved by SAC (mostly procedural concerns). This happened by electronic vote since ALA Council met before SAC. These were the first electronic votes undertaken by SAC.

* ALA will not hold an in-person Midwinter meeting in the future. SAC will probably be selecting a regular week (first week in February, for example) for a virtual meeting in addition to an in-person meeting at the ALA Annual Conference (June/July). This year, most CORE Interest Groups and other groups met the same week. CORE may introduce a separate committees week.

* Janis Young noted that SAC work on LCSH Tentative Lists was helpful. Even the notes about "easy" things were considered worthwhile since studying the lists can be daunting and numbing. SAC has also assisted on the multiples project and a round of training for new volunteers is anticipated. Volunteers get a spreadsheet of OCLC bib occurrences of a multiple to work on; the number of headings can vary widely. Some SAC members have been working on proposals for literary cutters in the schedules; this project is proving difficult for remote work and limited access to reference books. This LCC work will be going on hiatus for the short term.

Notes compiled by Sherman Clarke
ARLIS/NA liaison to SAC

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