ALA Annual, Las Vegas, June 28-June 29, 2014

Three proposals and three discussion papers were presented at the MAC sessions at the Annual conference in Las Vegas. The official minutes for the sessions, which include links to the papers, meeting, are available at:

Proposal 2014-04 Adding Miscellaneous Information in Topical Term and Geographic Name Fields of the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats
The proposal defined a subfield $g for qualifier information in the 650 and 651 fields in the Bibliographic format and the X50 and X51 fields in the Authority format. The German National Library requested the subfield since they often use qualifiers in their controlled terms. The proposal was passed as written, although the discussion revealed an interest in extending this subfield to the 655. This would have to come back as a separate proposal. It was cautioned that the new subfield should not be used in RDA cataloging for geographic qualifiers, such as "Las Vegas (Nevada); this is an area where German practice varies from RDA practice.

Proposal No. 2014-05 Designating Relationships Between Subject Headings from Different Thesauri in the MARC 21 Authority Format
The proposal defined a repeatable subfield $i "Relationship information" and a repeatable subfield $4 "Relationship code" in the fields 700, 710, 711, 730, 748, 750, 751, 755, 762, 780, 781, 782, and 785. A list of relator codes and their terms for the six types of relationship-- EQ (equivalence), =EQ (exact equivalence), ~EQ (inexact equivalence), BM (broader mapping), NM (narrower mapping), and RM (related mapping)--was defined. The proposal passed.

Proposal 2014-06 Defining New Field 388 for Time Period of Creation Terms in the MARC 21 Authority and Bibliographic Formats
The proposal defined field 388 for time of period creation terms. The field complements the numeric recording of creation dates in the 046 field. Time periods often cannot be reduced to dates expressed numerically, as terms such as "Renaissance" and "Medieval" illustrate. The new field is defined for both the bibliographic and the authority formats, so it can be used on both a bibliographic record for an art object and on an authority record for an art object. The proposal passed.

Discussion Paper 2014-05 Adding Dates for Corporate Bodies in Field 046 in the MARC 21 Authority Format
This paper discussed the definition of dates for establishment and termination of a corporate body in field 046. Currently, the same subfields ($s and $t) are used for beginning and end dates of period of activity of a person and establishment and termination of a corporate body. Two options were proposed: defining new subfields or expanding $f and $g, currently used for birth and death dates of a person. Preference was expressed for new subfields. The presenter was invited to bring it the paper back as a proposal with a few minor wording changes.

Discussion Paper 2014-06 Defining Values for Indicator 1 in Field 037 in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format
This proposal provoked a lengthy discussion. Initial response was unfavorable, since it was felt that acquisitions information was holdings information, rather than bibliographic information. The presenter responded that the information is not purely local; although it identifies the source where a particular library acquired a particular serial, this information can be used by other institutions to acquire the same resource from the same vendor. Using a sequence indicator is a way to make the data machine-actionable, correct labels, and avert duplicate acquisitions. The BL is currently using a local field for this, but would like to move to a more standardized approach. Since the sequence of vendors might vary from institution to institution, it would be helpful to be able to identify the institution to which the sequence applied. Spanish librarians suggested the addition of a $3 to specify the range of issue numbers, since different vendors often carry different ranges of serials. The proposer conceded that the data was inherently volatile, and that there is no intent to update acquisitions sources when a given vendor stops supplying a resource; but it was still felt that the data served a useful purpose.

Discussion Paper 2014-07 Broaden Usage of Field 088 in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format
This paper (submitted by the other ARLIS--Alaska Resources and Library Information Services) requested a change to the definition of the 088 field. It is often necessary to record in the 088 field report numbers that are also series numbers. LC had prohibited this practice because it was considered inconsistent to record a series number in two different fields. But report numbers vary; it can be hard to figure out if they are also series numbers, and it creates problems for machine processing if report numbers cannot reliably be taken from a single field. The group was encouraged to submit the change as a proposal.

Elizabeth O'Keefe, Morgan Library & Museum
ARLIS/NA liaison to MARC Advisory Committee

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