CC:DA Report from the 2013 ALA Annual Conference, Chicago

Here are the highlights of ALA's ALCTS/CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) meetings during the Annual conference in Chicago, June 2013. The full agenda is available here:

Report from the Chair

CC:DA has set an internal deadline of July 22, 2013 to finalize ALA RDA revision proposals. The deadline to review and respond to proposals from other JSC constituencies is September 20, 2013.

Library of Congress report

The full report is available here: (see the PCC and Policy and Standards sections). Some European romanization tables will be subject to CC:DA approval later this summer.

Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

Proposal on variant title as access point (RDA

Instructions for constructing variant access points representing a work call for a variant access point based on a variant title for the work (typically in the form of a name/title access point), and a variant access point using the preferred title for the work on its own, but not one using the variant title for the work on its own. Discussion focused on whether such an instruction was necessary and whether the revision should extend to the specialized instructions (musical, legal, religious works, official communications). There was interest in extending it to specialized instructions and in submitting the proposal in this cycle. Note: post-conference, CC:DA approved a revised proposal.

Report from the TF on Relationship Designators in RDA Appendix K

This proposal adds many relationship designators to Appendix K to enrich the vocabulary used to specify relationships between persons, families, and corporate bodies. The proposal adds a set of general terms, applicable to multiple categories, that will be repeated in each category using the same definition throughout (“a person, family, or corporate body that…”). Additional suggestions for improvement were made; a revised proposal will be prepared and discussion will continue on the wiki. Note: post-conference, further discussion ensued and a revised proposal was approved by CC:DA.

Report from the TF on Instructions on Recording Relationships

Tabled for now--more time necessary to develop the discussion paper so we're clear about what we want the JSC to discuss. The TF membership will need to be refreshed.

Report from the TF on Machine-Actionable Data Elements

Proposal from AALL on RDA instructions for treaties)

Create AAP for preferred name of the treaty; remove corporate bodies as creators of the treaties. Additions for punctuation and dates. CC:DA approved a motion to forward the proposal to the JSC.

Report from ALA publishing

Multilingual interface implemented; upgraded workflow editor coming; plan to rework the bookmarks functionalities; new print cumulation in Sept.; e-book version planned (static, some basic internal linking and search [sidebar: I ask myself why]); about 2000 subscribing institutions--they'd like to be at 4000 or above.

Report from the PCC liaison

PCC is working on gathering policy and documentation into one place. Submit PS update proposals to the standards committee.

Update from the TF on Place Names

This will be a long-term TF; hoping to have one or two strawman proposals to CC:DA by Midwinter for more detailed discussion.

Discussion Paper from OLAC/MusLA on technical and performing credits

More work is to be done before presenting it as a DP or proposal.

Proposal on alternate corporate identities [i.e., pseudonymous corporate bodies]

A new TF was approved to look into necessary RDA revisions. Does anyone know of any pseudonymous artist groups that we could contribute as examples?

Proposal on colour content (RDA 7.17)

Will be slightly revised and re-presented to CC:DA and then the JSC as a discussion paper.

Report from the Chair on CCS Executive Committee meetings; other new business; reports from the floor

The following reports were given also: Submitted by Dan Lipcan, ARLIS/NA Liaison to the ALA Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access (Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art),

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