American Library Association
Annual 2003, Toronto
Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI)
Saturday a.m.

The MARBI agenda was fairly light this ALA and all papers were discussed during a single meeting on Saturday morning. The agenda at includes links to the papers. The notes below are in proposal and discussion paper order, rather than in order of discussion.

Proposal 2002-14/9R: Definition of Fields 365 (Trade price) and 366 (Trade information) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format These fields are needed by the British Library to process its bibliographic products such as British Books in Print. There is not much precedent for giving acquisitions information in the bib format but the proposal was accepted since it met a basic need of the British. There might be other developments in MARC-encoding of acquisitions information as ONIX matures.

Proposal 2003-03: Definition of data elements for article level description This proposal which grew out of a discussion paper at Midwinter gave two options for giving parsed citation information for journal articles. Field 773 has been used to encode AACR2 host-item information. Option 1 included the parsed information in a new subfield in 773 (using the SICI standard). Option 2 would have created a new field for the same information. The first option was accepted in order to keep the parsed information more securely linked to the rest of the host-item information, particularly since that parsed information might be the only available citation in some periodical databases. OCLC uses the SICI information to get from indexing databases to WorldCat holdings for interlibrary loan purposes. The SICI syntax may not allow for giving page ranges and the MARC Standards Office will investigate this.

Proposal 2003-04: Definition of Field 024 (Other standard identifier) in the MARC 21 Authority Format This proposal grew out of a discussion paper at Midwinter. Though there was considerable discussion of the relationship to FRBR works and expressions, the field was accepted so that standard numbers such as ISTCs can be included in authority records. The ISTC is not yet available for general comment and it is not tied to the FRBR model. It is recognized that there may not be a one-to-one relationship between ISTCs and AACR2-based authority headings. Nonetheless, such numbers will be assigned by publishers and it was agreed that there should be a coded place in the authority record to give this number.

Proposal 2003-05: Changes to Field 352 (Digital graphic representation) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format This proposal came from the cartographic material cataloging community and the proposal was accepted as proposed, following option 1 defining a subfield $q for the name of the format in which the digital image is stored. Though directed at cartographic materials, extension to other digital graphics was discussed and should be investigated. Format is encoded in various places in MARC records, e.g. JPEG is usually recorded in 856, DC Format (unqualified) maps to 856 $q

Discussion paper 2003-DP04: Defining Subfield $2 in 155, 455, 555 in the MARC 21 Authority Format RBMS suggested that $2 be used for thesaurus in the heading and reference fields of an authority record and anticipated using this methodology in an international union authority file of genre terms. There already is a method (008/11 and 040 $f) for giving the thesaurus related to a genre heading. The thesaurus code is not part of the heading though it is an important part of the control of the terminology in an opac. Considerable discussion on this paper preceded the meeting and is available in the list archive at The National Library of Canada uses a “trad” command to switch a user from English-language to French-language subject headings, using the 755 fields in authority records.

Update from JSC Format Variation Working Group Jennifer Bowen (chair) prepared a report which is linked to the MARBI agenda. The group is now charged with reorganizing AACR2 chapter 25 to better function for works and expressions. They are also looking at the GMD and how it relates to expressions and manifestations. The group is trying to eliminate manifestation-level terminology from the GMDs but, for moving-image catalogers, video vs film is a carrier, or manifestation, characteristic. The group is working with system vendors and bibliographic utilities and is maintaining liaison with such groups in order to encourage support and inform them of developments.

Business meeting & LC report MARBI is one of the sponsors of a program on FRBR to be held in Orlando at Annual 2004. The program will be a day and a half, i.e. background, effects, breakouts, panel with all presenters. LC announced that Understanding MARC authority records had been published. It is a parallel introduction to Understanding MARC bibliographic which is being released in a new edition. UMB is already available on the MARC website and the UMA will be soon. LC has also prepared a toolkit for experimenting with FRBRizing catalog records. It is available at MODS 2.1 is about to be released; it will include better citation information with a little more detail than proposal 2003-03, but mostly it is augmentation, not major changes. LC and its vendor Endeavor will not be implementing Unicode until 2004, a delay of some months. LC plans to issue a paper on shifting data from MARC-8 to UTF-8 and will prepare test files for distribution by CDS.

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