ALA Annual 2002
Atlanta, 14-17 June 2002

Big Heads - Friday a.m.

* UCSD e-journal study (Schottlaender) - early conclusions: use of print is higher when print is readily available; print use is really low; similarity of use across disciplines; relationship of content vs overall use (e.g. inclusion of ads and other “extraneous” matter, bad markup, publisher removal of content)

* publication patterns initiative (Sinn and Hirons) - compliance with MFHL not always complete; initiative started with 40K from Harvard, ca. 4000 added by participants; 2 vendors have loaded and used; now doing outreach; EBSCO doesn’t use MFHL; pattern not always apparent at time of cataloging (more maintenance)

* OCLC Connexion (Patton) - new web-based interface (not yet ready for use by large libraries, according to one of booth workers, as told to an NYU colleague) - cf

* FRBR at OCLC (Patton) - OCLC looking at architecture which will expedite displays according to FRBR model (so are RLG and VTLS, among others) - OCLC found that 80% of titles had only one manifestation; they also studied one title with 179 manifestations and physically looked at all copies (e.g. one manifestation had same pagination but more bibliography)

* LC report on cataloging activities including in round robins - cf

BIBCO-At-Large - Sunday midday - LC will implement AACR2 2002 Amendments in December (OCLC will implement simultaneously) - Steven Miller is developing a workshop on integrating resources which will serve as basis for wider training (BIBCO will do “train the trainer” sessions and PowerPoint presentation is available on PCC site under BIBCO - cf

RLG Strategy Focus Group - Friday p.m. - RLG distributed discussion paper of possible database enhancements, e.g. finer tuning of selection of primary cluster member including such criteria as CONSER, 050, Encoding Level, English-language cataloging, PCC, vernacular scripts; searching of authorities while building a bib record; indication of which record has a cluster access point if not PCM - mock-up of FRBR-informed display was distributed: summary result of search would indicate count of subjects, names, etc.

Subject Analysis Committee - Sunday a.m. - TGM software has been upgraded and new terms are being added

Serials Section Committee to Study Serials Cataloging - Monday p.m. - Jean Hirons talked about concepts, definitions, descriptive changes for serials - Regina Reynolds talked about major/minor changes - Rhonda Lawrence talked about integrating resources, particularly loose-leafs - Adam Schiff talked about integrating web-based resources

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