ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee
ALA 2001 Annual Conference (June 2001)

The SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis wrapped up its work with a program on Subject Access and Classification in Metadata for Digital Resources. Approximately 350 people attended. The committee presented its final report, which summarizes its work over four years, and was dismissed with thanks for its work. SAC is interested in further work on metadata, specifically on semantic interoperability, and may appoint a subcommittee at Midwinter.

** [I raised the question: should we wait for guidance from the ALCTS task force that is coordinating ALCTS' response to the LC Action Plan to pursue this? CCS Exec reaction: it is likely that the task force will identify appropriate groups within ALCTS to respond to points in the Action Plan but will look to those groups to help define the approach to the issues. It would be good for SAC to start thinking about what we see as the important issues related to semantic interoperability and what needs to be done so we will be ready to move quickly on this.]

Sara Shatford Layne reported for the Subcommittee on Subject Reference Structures in Automated Systems. The subcommittee is concentrating on what can be done with existing subject access tools and their established reference structures and is tackling a number of problematic issues related to effective use and display of subject reference structures.

The SAC Subcommittee to Review Dewey 510 Mathematics, chaired by Merry Schellinger, completed its work in March. SAC approved the committee's report and forwarded it to Jessica MacPhail, liaison to the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee. Further work is being done on this revision, and the EPC would like to have the committee's input in the next stages, so the subcommittee was not dismissed. Its charge has been extended to Midwinter 2002. In addition, the EPC requested that the subcommittee that reviewed 004-006 Computer Science, Data Processing be reconvened to review outstanding issues in that revision.

The very recently appointed SAC Subcommittee on Fiction Guidelines held a brief organizational meeting. Ruth Bogan is chairing this group, which includes representatives from LC, the LC Annotated Card Program, Sears, and a co-author of GSAFD, 2nd ed. The committee will work over the next two years to study current guidelines for application of subject and genre headings to individual works of fiction in these schemes and to develop recommendations for working toward a single suite of guidelines for improved, more coherent subject and genre access to fiction.

Progress has been made on providing access to the file of authority records for GSAFD genre terms. ALA Editions is not interested in distributing the file, and SAC would like to make it freely available. As a temporary solution, the file will reside on Northwestern's server with a link from the SAC page. SAC would also like to have the file linked from the ALCTS Publications and Resources page and eventually have the file itself moved to the ALCTS site. SAC discussed the text to be mounted on the web page describing the file. This will be sent to the CCS Exec when it is finalized and it is hoped that the link will be made shortly after the conference.

** [CCS Exec asked that we use the title "MARC21 Authority Records for GSAFD Genre Terms" (a slight modification of the title we had agreed on, just adding MARC21) to make it very clear that what's in the file is not equivalent to what's in the book.]

SAC discussed the LC Action Plan, and there was great interest in collaborating with LC in areas related to subject analysis. SAC is mentioned specifically as a potential collaborator in 2.2 and 3.2, but members observed that items 2.5 and 6.3 involve subject analysis and would be of interest to SAC as well.

SAC is very interested in an opportunity to collaborate with the PCC in building a training program for subject analysis based on the SCCTP model, and is poised to appoint a subcommittee to work on this issue. A motion was passed to indicate this interest:

The Subject Analysis Committee supports the proposal by Carol Hixson, chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Training, for a collaborative project between PCC and ALCTS to develop subject analysis training materials using the SCCTP model. SAC notes that this proposal addresses ALCTS Strategic Plan, Goal 3 (Education), Objective 5, "Develop a suite of training materials and services including train the trainer program." SAC urges that the ALCTS Board support ALCTS participation in this partnership. SAC will be able to promptly assemble a subcommittee to serve as the official ALCTS body in this collaboration.

** [CCS Exec agreed to endorse this resolution and Bill Garrison was to take it the ALCTS Board.]

Sara Shatford Layne and Katha Massey have completed their terms as members, and Lisa Elliott has completed her term as intern. New members are Shelby Harken and Stephen Hearn, and the new intern is James Baker. David Miller will take over as chair following the conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Robare
Chair, Subject Analysis Committee