... a quick summary of the CC:DA meetings, ALA Annual, June 2001, San Francisco ...
by Anne Champagne, ARLIS/NA rep

LC announcements:

All of LC's Chinese records -- 172,487 bib & 8,870 CONSER -- have been converted to pinyin. LC plans to identify and convert access points on its own non-Chinese bib records later this year. Catalogers are working on the backlog that was created during the moratorium last year.

By end of Feb/early March patrons will be able to view MARC authority records in LC's database.

ALA publications announcements:

Chapter 9 is coming out this summer; there will be a website (sponsored by the Online Audio/Visual Catalogers) to outline changes.

Chapter 12 will be issued in Spring or Summer 2002. There will be a program at 2002 Annual and an institute in fall 2002 to go over changes

2001 Amendments package & index will be released in early August (2001) in print form only (not a download). Price will be $15.00

In July 2002 ALA will release an integrated version of AACR2 in a ring binder (8-1/2 x 11"). Looseleaf textblock will cost approx. the same as the current softbound version. Softbound & hardbound versions will be discontinued. Subsequent amendments will be issued as replacement pages. There will be annual amendments to AACR2 published each July. Will probably be issued as PDF file at minimal cost.

ALA is trying to advertise AACR2 as the source for cataloging electronic resources, esp. the web. AACR2 website will be developed, possibly by Midwinter. It'll cover the philosophy of AACR, a description of the JSC, promotional materials, etc. It won't include an online version of AACR2. There has been preliminary discussion re: a web version of AACR2. LC is developing a version of Cataloger's Desktop for the web and ALA Publishing is watching this closely.

Cataloging news:

A task force was formed to review a prototype of Part I arranged according to ISBD format.

Barbara Tillett wrote a discussion paper re: the use and utility of the GMD. At Midwinter 2002 there will be a discussion of whether or not the concept of GMD should be kept in the rules.

The following 4 documents will be submitted to the JSC this fall for their consideration:

Appendix of Major Changes. The appendix outlines when to create a new record for monographs, multi-part items, serials, and integrating resources.

Report of the TF to study Specific Characteristics of Electronic Resources (Chapter 9). Recommends elimination of area 3 (file characteristics); relocation of area 3 to area 7 (note) for remote resources; and use of common terms for area 5 (physical desc.), e.g., "CD-ROM" instead of "computer optical disc."

Report of the T.F. on Rule of Three. Recommends making the rule of 3 optional, i.e., make higher level of access the norm and allow libraries to optionally limit the assignment of access points.

Clean copy of Chapter 12.

Anne Champagne