Summary of ALA Annual, Chicago, July 2000

ALCTS CCS CC:DA Task Force on the VRA Core Categories

* with release of Core 3.0, we will proceed with assignments from Annual 1999, with Anne Champagne doing the comparison with FRBR (replacing Sherry Vellucci who has resigned from TF)

ALCTS/LITA/RUSA Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI)

* DP 119 (seriality and MARC 21) - Hirons: dealing with seriality in three steps: revising the rules; revising the coding; determining how it works for CONSER - rule revision proposals before CC:DA and JSC, etc. - MARBI supported the definition of new code in Bibliographic Level (Leader/07) for integrating resources - also supported the idea of repeatable 260s for publication information over time, with only one 260 to include $c; code for continuously updated in Frequency; code for looseleaf in Type of Serial

* Proposal 2000-01R (853-855 $z for numbering scheme) - passed with minor changes, including provision for symbols

* Proposal 2000-07 (856 $y for link text) - passed and application guidelines will be written - also will need future papers on link text in other fields with URLs

* Proposal 2000-08 (754 additional subfields for taxonomic identification) - general support for more support for hierarchy but will be reworked for next time

* Proposal 2000-09 (Community Info Format in line with bib format for field 052) - passed

LC report: online code lists will evolve as new codes are added; collective update of all formats in MARC 21 will be issued by CDS; Holdings should be in Catalogers Desktop in about 2 issues; 13 new characters will be implemented soon, including spacing tilde and spacing underline; LCCN will go four digit in 2001

Other business: Dublin Core is out for vote as NISO standard (votes by 1 August 2000); East Asian Characters TF working on a few issues from CEAL; joint CC:DA/MARBI metadata task force becoming ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata Committee; Multi-Lingual Record Task Force looking at issues in coding

* joint meeting with CC:DA on XML and MARC, with paper by Dick R. Miller

ALCTS Serials Section - discussion of MFHD

Ellen Rappoport described MFHD and Z39.71 (NISO standard for holdings data) in general. Frieda Rosenberg talked about where we’d like to go. Helen Gbala talked about CONSER guidelines and using Z39.71. Ted Fons from Innovative described holdings from vendor perspective. Field 891 will be used in CONSER bib records for pub pattern info, with 852 location being “universal pattern.”

ALCTS Technical Services Directors in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group (“Big Heads”)

Topics: digital assets management; CORC; vendor/utility business models and products


* discussion paper on wider use of linking fields for both serials and monographs, and the relationship to BIBCO and CONSER participation

* BFM for LC and for the utilities - OCLC announced after meeting that they will upgrade WorldCat with changed headings, as quickly as feasible (bfm and quality also discussed at PCC Participants Meeting; personal observation: NACO and CONSER are particularly successful because we all work on evolving master record, BIBCO more problematic because of individual records with updates not always getting back into mainstream)

* junior staff member from Cornell has discussed doing some research on quality of BIBCO records - not much support for PCC survey of quality

PCC Participants Meeting

BIBCO OpCo decided that only AACR2 records can be full BIBCO, not recon with AACR2 headings and whatever description. Seventeen South African libraries joining NACO, with most in funnels. Northwestern and Cleveland Public joining CONSER. No clear consensus on need for BIBCO participants manual. OCLC’s CatME will allow transfer of authority records from local catalog to NAF in 2001. Sever Bordeianu presented a paper on production standards at University of New Mexico (staff are evaluated on number of titles cataloged/processed, and may leave when the quota is met; most staff works pretty much same number of hours as before new system).

ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata Committee

NRMC replaces the joint CC:DA/MARBI task force on metadata. Ann Fox is current chair, with Bill Fietzer taking over. Mary Larsgaard reported on metadata preconference. Willy Cromwell-Kessler did a good presentation on “Metadata issues in building a consortial information hub” at the Detroit Area Library Network (DALNET). [HANDOUT]

MARS Users Group

Chris Mottayaw (OCLC) gave an overview of service. Noelle Van Pulis (Ohio State) said how they’re using it. Bob Thomas (OCLC, formerly WLN) gave the analyst’s overview. More a vendor overview than a users group meeting.

ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Discussion Group

Martha Conway described how Yale is using enriched tables of contents to enhance the catalog, leading to discussion of Blackwell’s and Syndetic Solutions services, indexing in the opac using enhanced 505 coding, 970 fields for analytic added entries, relation to loading in utilities, etc.

ALCTS CCS SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Headings

Lois Mai Chan will participate in a program on metadata and subject headings at IFLA in Jerusalem (August 2000). Becky Culbertson reported on her findings about how various metadata schemes deal with subject headings. [HANDOUT] Shelby Harken presented the outline of a program for Annual 2001 (later approved by CCS and ALCTS boards). Eric Childress and Ed O’Neill discussed CORC and FAST.