ALCTS CCS SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis
ALA 2000 Annual Conference - Chicago

Business Meeting - July 7

Present: Members - Frank Cervone, Becky Culbertson, Shannon Hoffman, Jane Greenberg, Marie Whited, Lynn El-Hoshy, Bonnie Dede, Lois Chan, Sara Shatford Layne, Julianne Beall, Aimee Glassel, Rebecca Mugridge, Sandy Roe, Bruce Trumble, Gregory New, Sherman Clarke, Shelby Harken, Eric Childress, Gregory Wool, Diane Dates Casey
Guests - Rebecca Dean, Andrea Kappler, Ed O'Neill, Stephen Hearn.

Diane Dates Casey, chair, opened the meeting and introductions were made.

Discussion Forum for Annual Conference

Frank Cervone shared a brief summary of the discussion forum on metadata and classification planned for Saturday, July 8.

IFLA Report

Lois Mai Chan reported that she will participate in a workshop on metadata at the IFLA Conference in Jerusalem during August. Her presentation will be on the subcommittee report completed at Midwinter in San Antonio. Many of the papers that will be presented at the IFLA conference will be available on the IFLA web site ( Additionally, Lois discussed the MACS international project on mapping controlled vocabularies.

Discussion Paper

Becky Culbertson led the discussion of the paper, Comparison of Subject Treatment of Several Metadata Standards ( She shared additional insights on the topic which she gathered at the Metadata Preconference, such as a web site with a number of crosswalks ( Additionally, she noted that keywords play an important role in most metadata schemes, even though controlled vocabulary is suggested. In fact, TEI is the only metadata scheme where subject headings are optional.

Several modifications of the paper were suggested. More schemes and projects will be included along with their approaches to subject analysis. Moreover, examples of subject treatment in the various schemes will be added. A section on crosswalks will be developed. Sara Shatford Layne noted different definitions of subject across the analysis of metadata schemes in the paper and suggested a need for more exploration of the facets being included as subject in the paper. For instance, is subject defined within the scheme or by the person performing the analysis for the paper? The parameters of subject in the paper need to be defined and applied consistently across the metadata schemes analyzed in the paper. In addition, the suggestion was made to address the role of genre and form as elements of subject treatment in metadata schemes.

Aimee Glassel volunteered to join the group working on the paper. A revised draft of the paper will be available for the entire subcommittee by mid-December.

Old Business

Sandy Roe expressed concern that Subject Data in the Metadata Record was not available on the ALCTS web site. Diane shared that she had asked ALCTS several times since Midwinter to mount the document. She will bring this issue to SAC's attention during the conference.

New Business

Diane queried whether the subcommittee wanted to pursue a discussion forum at Midwinter 2001. The consensus of the group was to focus on the program for Annual Meeting 2001.

Program for Annual Meeting in San Francisco

Shelby Harken noted that after some modifications the program was approved by SAC and CCS Executive Committee. She and Lori Robare, chair of SAC, will take the program proposal to ALCTS Program Committee on July 11 for approval. Shelby shared the revised program with the subcommittee.


Eric Childress shared that CORC was launched into production mode on July 1, 2000. Any library with cataloging access to WorldCat, formerly known as Prism, has CORC available to them. In this production version WebDewey is an optional product, while Wordsmith is not yet available to provide keyword extraction. All Netfirst records were added to WorldCat along with 25,000 original CORC records. Edward O'Neill shared that FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) is making progress. Period, Form and Topical headings are finished, while Geographic headings are still to be completed. Cross references are still needed for authority records.

Discussion Forum - July 8

Approximately 50 people attended the discussion forum on metadata and classification. Rebecca Mugridge introduced the program. Mary Dabney Wilson discussed the formation and work of the subcommittee, while Julianne Beall explained the development of a questionnaire to evaluate the use of classification for organizing web resources. Both speakers described the results of the study. Then, Diane Vizine-Goetz presented the application of the DDC classes in NetFirst and CORC. Finally, Frank Cervone pointed out how XML will facilitate the use of classification in metadata encoding schemes.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Dates Casey